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A Cup Of Coffee and ALL JOY Heating Pads Can Make My Winter Day - ALL JOY Official

A Cup Of Coffee and ALL JOY Heating Pads Can Make My Winter Day

Dec 23, 2021



How would you start afresh day on this freezing day? Brewing a steaming cup of coffee is always a good idea.

In the winter, we try more ways to stay warm: exercising, wearing extra garments, curling up in a large electric blanket, and for me, I wanna say, "I just want to sleep all day with my heating pad."

If you have arthritis or sit in an office for lengthy periods, you must have a blanket to keep you warm. Of course, a better choice is a more comfortable electric blanket that keeps us warm and promotes blood circulation, decreases muscular aches and pains from sitting and arthritis, and makes work time easier.

I do recommend the ALL JOY electric heating pad which I am using.

A warm gift for parents

Keeping warm for the elderly is critical, so choosing a safe and effective electric blanket for your parents to make them more comfortable in the winter would be a fantastic gift before Christmas.

Here, choose an electric blanket that is ideal for the elderly, as well as one that is safe and easy to control.

Helps you manage pain and enhance comfort during the cold winter

Dealing with pain is not easy, especially during the cold winter months. Heat therapy is known to be an easy way to get rid of pain quickly or to bring muscles back to health after strenuous exercise. It works by increasing blood circulation in the body, increasing the flexibility of connective tissue, and helping to soothe the affected tissues.

All Joy electric heating pad is a very comfortable and easy-to-use excellent tool for relieving pain at home, whether it is menstrual cramps, muscle soreness, or shoulder and cervical spine pain.

Its obvious advantage is that it is ideal for use at night in a low-temperature environment. A few hours of using the heating pad at night can effectively relax stiff muscles.

All Joy electric heating pad adopts a large size of 12 inches x 24 inches. Fast heating, soft fabric, and built-in dense heating wires can quickly provide soothing heat, relieve soreness after exercise, and accelerate muscle recovery anytime, anywhere.

Customizable Comfort & Moist Heat Option

All Joy has 6 heating levels and 3-time settings (30, 60, and 90 minutes) options to provide users with a humanized heat therapy experience. The maximum temperature can reach 65℃/150F, you can also choose moist heating for faster heating effect and deeper relief.

Smart LCD Controller

The ergonomic handheld LCD controller has a large display to show the current temperature and time settings. The 10-foot extension cord allows you to relax freely.

Super Cosy Flannel & Washable Design

The high-quality soft flannel has excellent comfort and can effectively keep warm in the cold winter. It is easy to care for and supports machine washing.

Period Pain Relief

For some girls, the monthly menstrual period may be very difficult to get through. Especially in the cold winter temperatures, menstrual cramps may be more intense, so it is essential to purchase an All Joy electric heating pad. By placing the pad over your abdomen, the built-in heating cord will heat up within seconds, penetrating the heat into your abdominal skin.

Different from other products, All Joy electric heating pad provides an more intuitive display of numbers on the controller. In addition, setting the temperature, All Joy allows the user to set time by themselves, supports automatic shut-off, and is ETL certified for safe operation, so there is no need to worry about the pad working too long and causing a fire hazard.


I still recommend not lying on the heating pad all the time. Too much of anything is bad. But you don’t need worry, the auto-off shut off and ETL certification of this product ensure safe operation. 

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