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ALL JOY® Neck Shoulder Massager Full Review - ALL JOY Official

ALL JOY® Neck Shoulder Massager Full Review

Dec 23, 2021



Have you ever felt tension and discomfort in your back after sitting for a long time, have you ever felt neck pain because of lowering your head to work or study. Have you ever been troubled by the knots on your shoulders but you can’t find a well-trained masseur. If your answer is yes, and you want to solve these bad situations. Then I will introduce the AllJOY neck and shoulder massager which will be able to help you solve the trouble very well!

 This neck and shoulder massager act like a trained masseur, with its comfortable heating function, bringing you a different rest experience. Let us see what features make this massager a good helper that can bring you comfort like this.

  •   The Customizable Deep-kneading Shiatsu

All Joy neck&shoulder massager has multiple speed adjustments and a massage node that greatly covers the back. 8 smooth kneading nodes in 2 sizes that can cover a wide area for a more comprehensive massage. Also by inward and outward rotating, up and down acupressure, and 3-speed options that can be easily adjusted offering you a deeper massage experience.

  •   Soothing Heat Therapy

The warmth brought by heating and the right massage can help you relieve fatigue, the shoulder massager has an optional soothing heating function applying gentle warmth for added comfort and complete relaxation. It can soften the tight muscles and promote blood circulation to make you refreshed and energetic. This massage product also has a good safety guarantee, the 20-min auto shut-off, and overheat protection ensure, which can ensure that the elderly can use it or use it alone.

  •   Removable and Washable

For such a massager that can be used close to the body, a convenient cleaning method is indispensable. The main covering material is PU leather and the front of the massager cover by a removable, elastic & durable mesh fabric, this will offers a comfort touch while enjoying the massage time.

  •   Adjustable Comfort

In terms of shape design, the convenient ergonomically designed contour can be adapted to different body types. The long and comfortable curved handle helps to control the strength of the back massager by itself and adjust it according to the length of your arm for deep tissue kneading massage. Simply apply pressure on the handle to easily experience different levels of massage. This massager can bring you a very happy massage experience at home.

  •   Relief on The Go

In addition, the AllJOY neck and shoulder massager is also very suitable for massaging some other parts of the body, the versatile design allows for use on neck, shoulders, back, legs and and other hard-to-reach spots. It comes with a nice lightweight bag for free carrying and storage, so you can enjoy a rejuvenating massage at home, car, office and more.

In general, if you have shoulder or back tension, an AllJOY massager for the neck and shoulder is a good product that will not let you down.

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