Deep Relaxation for your whole body, 
with 3D Full Body Massage|SL-Track|Full Body Recliner

Massage Chair ZG


What you get

3D Full Body Massage|SL-Track|Full Body Recliner |Thai Stretch | Zero Gravity Relaxation | Foot Rollers | Waist Heating | 30 Airbags Wrapping | Easy to move | Bluetooth Speaker | Skin-friendly touch

Auto Massage Mode: Neck&Shoulder Mode|Waist&Hips|Thai|Sleep|Senior|For Him|For Her

The Main Material: Dust-proof skin-friendly PU Leather
Free Shipping in US Mainland
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
24 Months Warranty

7 Automatic Massage Modes: the Neck&Shoulder, the Waist&Hips, the Thai, For Him, For her, For Senior, For Night. The Thai stretches legs and waist can effectively increase physical vigor. The 32 airbags focus differently on neck, shoulders, back, hips, thighs and feet, and improves the massage mode of the Neck&Shoulder, the Waist&Hips. For Him, For Her and For Seniors modes make it perfect for the whole household. The special deisgned Sleep mode is ideal to soothe tired body, the front and rear swinging fuction brings a thorough relaxation.

Extended SL Track&3D Massage Rollers: Ergonomic design with EXTENDED 51.8" SL track space curved rail allows you to enjoy massage from neck to hip, not just lower back. The 3D massage rollers make this model your nice choice of all the shiatsu massage chairs.

Deep Zero Gravity: Sleep better with zero gravity mode. 3 zero gravity angles on demand with one button makes it a more comfortable full body massaging recliner. The zero gravity massage chair sets heart and knees at the same level, effectively reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation. Space-saving design, 6 inches from wall is good enough for deepest zero gravity recliner.

Customizable Body Massager & Foot Rollers: Use the remote to set rollers and airbags on your preferred speed and strength (3 levels) to target your desired spots. The optional double-row rollers foot massager conduct an all-aound shiatsu massage onto the sole.

2 Year Warranty and 24/7 Customer Service: Details stated on Operation Manual and Warranty Booklet. At the same time, the 24-hour online customer service will also escort your massage journey.


Please make sure your entry door widths is wider than the product package width, more than 80cm(31.4inches) before you place the order.

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Full Body 3D Massage 
With Waist Heat
The ALLJOY Massage Chair ZG built-in rollers provide a kind of intense strong 3D massage for Lower Back. They can work out the stiffness and kinks in the back. The users can use the remote control to select proper function and massage intensity and massage time.
30 Airbag Wrap Design
ALLJOY Massage Chair ZG offers massage for the neck, shoulder, waist, hips, pelvis, lower back, leg, and foot. There are 30 airbags wrapping and supporting your body parts. More quantity of airbags does not mean a better experience. The airbags of the ALLJOY Massage Chair ZG are specially designed for full body size, including shoulders, arms, hands, hips, thighs, and calf feet, 30 airbags are enough for your comfort.
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Zero Gravity Relax
Multiple Massage Modes
you’d enjoy a Thai stretch and advanced ALLJOY style 3D massage. ALLJOY 3D massage chair ZG offers a better 3D massage mode with more suitable built-in massage rolling track mode. Same outside, better inside. The Full Body Stretch function of ALLJOY Massage Chair ZG holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched. Get amazing stretches every single day with our Full Body Stretch function and start reaping the health benefits now. ALLJOY Massage Chair ZG offers massage for neck, shoulder, arms, hands, waist, hips, pelvis, lower back, leg and foot, gives you real full-body massage.
Is it neccessary to find a human Masseur?
The massage chair can hold your full body, from head to toe, from shoulder to hips, gives you an amazing massage experience. ALLJOY Massage Chair ZG can bear a person that max weight is 280ibss and height is about 185cm.
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Chair ZG
with code 10%off3item
Enjoy 3D Full Body Massage any place any time
Relax from neck to toe, get cosy break time 
Nice gift for yourself
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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