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5 Reasons To Get Massage And Relax After Exercise? - ALL JOY Official

5 Reasons To Get Massage And Relax After Exercise?

Dec 23, 2021



Many people instruct to supplement protein-rich nutritious food to help the body recover quickly after exercise, but in fact, massage after exercise is just as important to restore physical fitness. 

Many studies have found that massage after exercise can help reduce muscle inflammation and prevent body pain.

The following 5 reasons can let you know more about the benefits of post-exercise massage on the body.


  1. Speedup muscle recovery

If you are training for a marathon, or often run long distances, or have regular fitness habits, massage can accelerate muscle recovery. Massage is a good way to relieve exercise pain, it can help the muscle growth and healing after training, and prepare for the next exercise.

Although just enjoying a 10-minute massage after exercise, it can promote muscle recovery and reduce the chance of muscle inflammation. Massage is one of the effective ways to restore the body and reduce pain during exercise.

  1. Excretion of waste from the body

The main benefit of massage is that it allows people to naturally expel the waste accumulated in the body, because massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and the blood will metabolize wastes in muscles and internal organs, helping the body to expel wastes.

  1. Improve physical flexibility

Many people feel muscles soreness after running or exercising. This is because the muscles become tense under pressure during exercise. In addition to the necessary stretching after exercise, massage will put appropriate pressure on tight areas, help relax tight joints and muscles, and improve the flexibility of the human body. After running a marathon, massaging the legs can relax the muscles, thereby improving exercise endurance.

  1. Promote blood circulation

A quick foot massage is very beneficial, for example, it can speed up blood circulation throughout the body. There are many nerves connected to the soles of the feet. Massage for important reflex points is like doing a full-body massage. Long-term persistence will greatly help your health.

The pressure generated by the massage will encourage more blood to pass through the blocked parts of the body, allowing fresh blood to flow in, thereby improving blood circulation throughout the body. Healthy blood circulation can ensure that muscles and body tissues can effectively absorb nutrients and oxygen, which is why it is strongly recommended to do a massage after exercise to quickly restore physical strength. When the blood circulation in the body is improved, it will also help to reduce the chance of rising blood pressure in the long term.

  1. Sleep Better

Good sleep can bring many benefits to people. Having good sleep can not only restore brain function and make people feel refreshed all day long, but also secrete more growth hormone, stimulate protein synthesis, and help muscle recovery.

If adrenaline surges after exercise, or if the pain makes you unable to fall asleep, massage may help. Massage before going to bed can relax people and improve the quality of sleep. When you wake up, you will not feel so tired, and you can greet the next day of work and life with energy.

In order to achieve a better recovery effect after exercise, should you purchase the corresponding massager for the multi body part massage? For example, massage gun, foot massager, back massager etc.

Yes, if you have enough budget.

Otherwise, you can only buy the ALLJOY® neck shoulder massager. Its length and structure can realize a person's massage of multiple parts of oneself. No need any helper, and free your hands, it likes a reliable and quiet masseuse.

Be Healthier, get ALLJOY®. 

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