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ALL JOY® fees people to enjoy life, inspiring others to do the same.

From heating pads to massagers and more accessories, ALL JOY® is specialized in develop full range of health care and relaxation products, to make yourself healthier and better, to feel more joy in your life and to get ALL JOY.

ALL JOY® was founded in February 2021. The original purpose of this young and innovative team is to make a safer health-care equipment for people to relieve muscle pain.

The investigation found that there are hidden dangers in the safety of massagers and electric heating products on the market, including overheat,leakage, non-washable, etc. ALLJOY team decided to improve and solve it. Finally, we made it.

We are providing a safer solution to make you healthier and get all joy. If you want a relaxed mind, relax your body.  

In August 2021, the ALL JOY® released four health care and relaxation products , including the ALLJOY® electric heating pad, wearable electric heating pad, massage pillow, neck shoulder massager. The 100% praise in good side gives us great confidence and ambition to continue this matter.

All the praise and encouragement from users fire us up to keep creating the most awesome, innovative products possible.

In December 2021, the ALL JOY® released two more products, there are ALLJOY® foot massager and eye massager.

As you see, we have two series R&D products, massage series and heating series.Some products are also sold on Amazon.

ALL JOY® L Heat Pad G1:

ALL JOY® L Heat Pad G2(blue):

ALL JOY® L Heat Pad G2(grey):

ALL JOY® U Neck G1:

ALL JOY® XL Heat Wrap G1:

ALL JOY® M Pillow G1:

That is just the beginning of the ALLJOY® brand. We try to cooperate with other amazing brands and make “sparkles” together. Everyone will never know what is next, every sparkle product is a surprise. In future, you will find all the ALLJOY® co-brand products in sparkles series.

Next, ALLJOY® will continue to focus on health and safety, with better technology solutions and more fashionable products.

ALLJOY® aims to design and sale the more high-quality and cost-effective products, to help people be healthier and enjoy life in a better and safer way.

Make yourself healthier, get ALL JOY. Thanks all you support about ALL JOY® .

Please feel free to show us how ALLJOY® helps your live healthier life on Instagram/Facebook with #ALLJOYHealth and your photo could be featured on ALLJOY® office social pages.